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Wytches #1 - Scott Snyder, Jock Wytches #2 - Scott Snyder, Jock Wytches #3 - Scott Snyder, Jock

Just finished the first story arc of Scott Snyder and Jock's Wytches, the first 6 issues. Snyder is most known for his Batman and Superman story arcs. I'm not a superhero person, but his Superman Unchained was very good, especially with Jim Lee's art work. Wytches is a horror story. The first 6 issues explain how our hero, Sailor, ends up as she is. It comes across as a straight what's going on type story, missing girl and trying to find the bad guys. Each issue bringing more dynamics about what is really happening to Sailor and her family. One major twist or two and you don't know what just happened and have to flip back a few pages to see if you just understood correctly what you read.. Snyder is that good. 


Jock's artwork was dark and shadowy just as you supposed a horror story should be. His use of color streams bursting on the page just adds more to the story and gives the reader a great feel for the terror our characters are feeling. And the end, which isn't an end according to Snyder, was just what we needed, a little bit of the superhero popping out. After all it is a comic story.