Black Science, Vol. 1: How to Fall Forever - Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera, Dean White

I picked this up because I've been reading Low by Rick Remender and while waiting in line at C2E2 to get my first issue of Low signed I heard about Black Science. When you are waiting in line there really isn't much to do but talk about what else people are reading. Black Science was in most everyone's pile but my own, so I picked it up. 


Rick does a great job in presenting a science fiction story that reminded me of the B movies. I mean we had giant frogs trying to kill people, Ape people, inter dimensions an a group of scientists who well get into trouble. The story is great and the art work by Mateo Scalera and Dean White brought the world of Black Science right to your hands. 


I enjoyed it twice. I did have a bit of a problem figuring out the characters, they all looked the same for the most part, but after the second issue, I was able to discern who was who. 


If you like science fiction then pick up Black Science.. even if you don't like the story the art is worth it.