Godlike Machines - Jonathan Strahan, Stephen Baxter, Cory Doctorow, Sean Williams, Robert Reed, Greg Egan, Alastair Reynolds

The first story in this Anthology is Troika by Alastair Reynolds... and it was long. Ok not long page wise it is a short story after all, but still it seemed to take me forever to finish the 60 odd pages. (depending on which edition and how you got it) Perhaps its the type of story but it seemed very technical to me and definitely dated with the Soviet Union setting.  Our main character is telling the story about his expedition on a space ship to some entity. It was technical, whether right or not I have no intention of investigating. I don't care about vacuum and space time continuum at least not for this story.


I intend to look up Alastair Reynolds and see what else he has written. According to the blurb in the beginning of the story, I like it when the editor does that, he has written at least 9 novels.. hopefully they are a bit better than this one. 


And I hope the second story in this collection goes quicker...