A Great Twist

Star Wars #9 Comic Book - MARVEL

I'm enjoying these stories and even though I know the ending or at least what should happen based on the movies, I am truly enjoying the details these comics are adding. I realize I'm not the intended audience. The feel is much younger than a 50yr old single mom, but even knowing that, even knowing the art work isn't spectacular I find myself counting down the days til the next release. Jason Aaron is doing a great job of taking what is known about the characters and giving us more. I mean what's not to like about meeting Han Solo's wife; or realizing Luke Skywalker is now part of a Jedi  Hutt exhibit. 


The next issue cannot come quick enough nor the movies. I do hope the teen audience this is intended for is enjoying this as much as I am. There is much more story to tell and a big hole to fill now that Dark Horse is out of this game.