The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

I saw the preview for this movie while watching Mockingjay 2. So I had to get the book just so I knew if seeing the movie was worth it.. and I dunno. The first person narrative from every character's point of view was confusing. It must be a thing to do this because I've seen it done often. I had problems figuring out who was speaking at the beginning of the chapters because the titles didn't help with that. At least George R.R. Martin put the character's names at the beginning of his chapters. 


The bouncing around to tell the story was also a bit much for me to grasp but once I got used to all that, it moved fast. We all know the story.. aliens come to take over the world but this time the weapon used to finish off humanity is macabre and frankly scary. The intended audience is young adults and that's frightening. Our main characters are all children ranged from age 5 to 17, so it makes sense but what they do is definitely not young adult material unless of course I'm just not ready to believe young adults can go through what this author put them through


I liked the story and I am reading part two. I may also go see the movie just so I can figure out how they do it. I think my rating is 3 stars just because I can't believe what happened.