Another great Clarkesworld story

So Much Cooking, by Naomi Kritzer  Audio Version

This is another great story that makes you think. I'm still stuck in short story mode and have been reading and listening to old issues of Clarkesworld. I listened to this audio version in the hopes of settling my mind to go to sleep. (too much pain lately) Instead I found myself listening intently and looking up the back issue for the story to read later. 


The concept was great. A simple cooking blog that goes on to tell a story of a virus outbreak and how the population deals with it. Showing how the virus spread by the lack of ingredients available to cook with was ingenious. There wasn't a great amount of detail on the virus or anything at all really which allowed me as reader to fill in the blanks. Each blog entry portrayed the lack of resources and yet still allowed hope to shine through.


I really enjoyed this story and am glad my subscription to Clarkesworld continues to be a good investment.


This was an older issue from November 2015 but still great.