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Architects of Destiny (Cadicle #1) - Amy DuBoff

I had such high hopes and I'm not sure why so I felt let down really. I wanted more to this first installment. More on the differences between the Dynasties and the regular people, more about the Priesthood and the TSS. What I got was just a little story. A typical story. The heir doesn't like his planned life so he goes off to see the world and then ends back to the planned life. 


I think the story would have been better for me if the first part of our main character Cris leaving his world and seeing the other 99% live would have been longer. More adventures before succumbing to the planned life. 


There are a few twists in that he doesn't know his life has been totally planned or that he has started that path. And the next book is supposed to investigate more but I'm in no rush to find out. 


The writing was easy and quick. I finished in no time and by no means was the book a struggle to finish like some have. It was just not what I expected so I felt let down and will not rush to finish the story arc.