My new favorite past time

To turn my mind off before bed I've taken to listening to podcasts of short stories. Last night I listened to an old episode from Podcastle. Episode 400 was Martha Wells' Night at the Opera. I thought it was great. I've not read anything by this author but I sure am going to look up all her books and stories and hope to find them cheaply. (No offense to her writing but I work at KMart and can barely afford rent let alone my reading habit.)


Our main character, Reynard is perfect. He's your typical anti-hero in the style of Malcolm Reynolds only with more class. I don't know the whole world Martha Wells has built but I sure do want to. From this story Reynard is asked to help an aristocrat family with a sorcerer blackmailer. Just the blurb had me hooked. Throw in excellent dialog and great descriptive settings, not to mention awesome narration from our actors and I wanted more. I was disappointed when it ended only because my appetite for this world was whetted. 


I recommend Martha Wells and Podcastle.