um.. okay then

Broken Worlds Super Boxset - James G. Hunt

I've completed the first half of the stories and I dunno.. The concept was good, was great but there was so little meat to the stories it read like I was watching a silly B movie and yet I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what happened. The premise of his first set, The Beginning, No Borders and Sovereign Land, was drought and how a family and the government dealt with it. Basically some crooked politician made a deal with some silly Mexican dictator type to annex the Southwest part of the U.S. and let Mexico take it over. The reasoning the lack of water and resources. Excellent concept but no character development and many plot holes and yet even with all that I still had to find out how it ended. This would make a very good SYFY channel movie or other B rated action of the week movie. And if you are looking for something light and simple then it is fun. You really want to know what happens. I just wish the author had actually met the potential of this story. 


The second set is about GMOs and somehow they kill the country.. yes I'm still reading. I don't know why but I want to know how it all happens.