a bit far fetched

The War Planners: Omnibus Edition - Andrew  Watts

I got this free and it wasn't horrible. A different genre than I usually read but it hey for free. The premise that China is attacking and how our characters find out is a bit far fetched, in fact that was the main problem for me for this story. The writing was done well and the characters were for the most part believable. I just couldn't get past the way the Red Cell was established, the kidnappings, and how they were used.


I mean really are we all that naive that if someone kidnapped us and said our expertise is needed on a remote island to help plan a war so we can then stop it and we go along? I couldn't accept that so the book for me is only 1 1/2 stars. It might make a better made for tv movie and who knows the second book may be better. The ending was good and it left me almost wanting to go get the second one, but not enough.