Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Stories of Your Life and Others - Ted Chiang

This is slow going mainly because the author makes me feel stupid and I really hate being reminded that. The third story, Division by Zero, was about a mathematician, suicide and marriage. I'm beginning to believe Chiang is some sort of math genius and likes to remind the rest of us how great he is. Without having any appreciation for math, I couldn't feel for the character or how hard it must be for her to accept her solving some math problem that proved her entire life was a waste of time. In that context I can possibly understand how horrible it might be but I hate math so I didn't care that she lost it.


Throughout this story Chiang uses math proofs or definitions to introduce the chapter, I about gave up half way through but I persevered, finished the story and quickly found some silly war book to read to get my head away from math. 


I will eventually finish this just to see how much more about math Chiang can interweave within his characters but I think the Goblin Emperor is calling me much louder than Chiang's math stories.