Mildly Surprised

Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1) - Jamie McFarlane

I received this ebook free from joining the author's mail list. Hey I like freebies and space opera so what can go wrong. I wasn't expecting much, but was happily surprised the story was good. 


Space operas fit a nice genre, we get a crew- usually inexperienced in some way; a space ship of some sort or space station, and a little exploration where we meet a bad guy and kick some ass. It's a simple plot line that has given us many episodes of good television and many books. This story did not disappoint. I was surprised actually with the dialog and details. At some points I felt a bit too much detail. Did I really need to know how a space ship's septic system works? Jaimie McFarlane is on book 11 of this series and I recommend reading them all. 


The characters were young to start and I couldn't find myself really empathizing with them, after all they just finished high school and I'm well much older, but McFarlane's writing gave the reader the chance to see through the characters eyes which helps forget the age gap. I'm sure I'm not the intended audience for these stories.


The plot developed easily and at times I knew what was going to happen, but that's the genre more than the lack of story. I liked it and look forward to working my way through the series. It only took me a few days to read, unlike other stories where I forced myself to finish it. This flowed through quickly and even with all the details on space septic tanks I want to know to more about our characters and this new world.